Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Stick to Help Save a Life...My First Experience Giving Blood

OK all so just wanted to share my #TakeAStickToSaveAlife experience.

So today was my first time ever giving blood. I figure with all going on in the world it’s my small part to help.  Whoever is on the receiving end will be in need. Now that was my reason….so I go on down to register and fill out the 50 questions questionnaire…so once  they knew I was drug/STD free oh yeah and that I don’t pay for sex, I was on to the next stage.  The mini physical but alas I didn’t know I would get stuck twice they had to do a finger stick to check my ol hemoglobin…tee hee I always like saying that…HEEEEEEE mo globin.  Ooook at any rate I digress.  So the nurse lady I had, Ms. Paulette was just as sweet as pie.
She talked to me and asked me stuff I know just to divert my attention.  Well then it was time, it was time for the stick to save a life and let my juicy veins runneth over, well all least in a little tube.  Ok so she gets me all prepped and I'm comfy on this bed made for a large person which swallowed me whole.  So she then says you wanna see or no…I'm like Ms. Paulette..cmon..she said ok well look out the window it’s a nice.. *ooooo* she stuck me… I looked like dammit Ms. Paulette that was a good one.

So we began I had the ball in my hand I had to squeeze and let go over and over during the process…then *beep beep beep* Ms. Paulette ran over to me and I’m like o_O wha wha wha, am I dying Lord no?! She laughed and said you are a character but no your blood flow is fluctuating from heavy to light and we want it to be in the middle…so she had me situated my arm some…then still beeping…so another lady came on who was the Sensei Needle Sticker as I lovingly referred to her as. Checked and adjusted the needle ever so slightly to get the flow right.

Great right?! EHHHHH about two minutes later…everything started getting dim…a wave of nauseousness came over me. Yup came close to tosses my cookies then sleepiness...I heard Ms. Paulette say Toya you have to stay woke...*clap clap* Toya tell me about your baby. My response groggily was "we can talk about her when I wake up." I heard Ms. Paulette yell she is having trouble staying woke I need a break...I heard a snap then a strong odor of ammonia in my nose...causing me to damn dear jump off the table...I was like o_O dude I'm up I'm up! Sweet Jesus I'm up...I then wondered why I was wet. Ms. Paulette had put cool wet towels on my head, neck and stomach because I'd gotten extremely hot. I said OK can I stop...she said if you want baby you only have about 2 mins left.

I then thought about those in need and said nope I'm good. I will do thing I know a wave came over me.  No more nauseousness, no over overload of heat, I was alert. I finished out and and I got snacks and apple juice. Since I was so awesome the ladies gave me seconds...then I said loudly in the donation room sweet open bar! Everyone laughed.. I then was raised up slowly with my bandaged donation dizziness I then sat at the table just to make sure I was good to go. The ladies said I deserved not one but two stickers! :) (the little things right). Ms. Paulette said sweetie the hardest part is getting people in here to donate. Now what u experiences happens to some people on their first time. We took care of you and hope you considering helping again. I told her absolutely! I don't scare that easy. So I came on back to my office and what was my experience #TakingAStickToSaveALife I hope you all consider giving ;) if so go to to register :)

Catch ya later. I'm trying this blog from the mobile app thing lol

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  1. Awesomeness! Proud of you. So many have a fear of giving blood, but don't realize if they get into an accident they might need that very life saving goodness. My first time was at Mizzou. I remember we consistently broke records along with Colorado state for the most units collected in one blood drive due to the frats and sororities getting some type of brownie points.
    I hope your story will inspire another to get out and do it!