Saturday, June 29, 2013

Power of Your Posts & Words on the Web

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So I read and hear a lot of folks saying something that may be offensive, mean or distasteful hey I'm sure we have all done it no one is perfect. However, when someone addresses that or says something about it I often here "hey it's only the internet why do people take things so seriously?!"

I think one main point is that the internet can't be taken to lightly. Why? Because everyone and anyone is on it engaging hours and hours a day! That is a HUGE impact. Rather one would like to believe it or not, that can shape and has shaped the opinions of a lot of people on a lot of various topics. You should not underestimate your power on the web and the influence you have.

As silly or trivial as it may seem to you people have lost their lives or been harmed by things said on the internet.  While a lot of things are said in jest. How often do we stop and think how would we feel if that was us being talked about or paraded around like a clown show or be raided?

Now do some put themselves in those situations to be laughed at purposely, absolutely! However,  there are often images paraded around and made fun of that are not intentional. You say it's the internet its not that serious...well maybe not to you but stop thinking about yourself for a minute and realize the power you have.  People have committed suicide behind things posted online.

This is just my random thoughts on the subject. Do I post funny pics but I try to avoid the degrading ones UNLESS its painfully obvious and even then I don't go over board. We have to be sensitive to all things when posting or we can choose selfishness and be like that kid in school that had to make every one laugh by laughing at other versus finding other way of humor OR by bullying that kid who wasn't as popular.  You think the internet is not that serious, well to you I say... WAKE UP!
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